Gospel Pass, Capel y Ffin, Hay Bluff – 21 April 2018

Eleven members of the Four Wells Ramblers and East Radnor Ramblers enjoyed fine weather, if hazy views, for a 10 mile walk in the Black Mountains.  Our route took us from the car park at Capel y Ffin, up towards but not to, Twmpa.  We then headed south towards Capel y Ffin, pausing for our elevenses at a suitably scenic spot.  Continuing along the ridge we reached the end with views down to Capel y Ffin and the Ewyas Valley.  We negotiated the steep descent safely, and walked through an interesting garden with various pieces of art work on display.  Our path took us past the pretty church of St Mary’s – the small tower looks most precarious but one assumes it is quite secure!  We then set out to accomplish most of the stiff ascent before lunch, and it certainly was pretty steep.  Lunch provided a welcome respite from all the climbing and offered some lovely views.  One final push and we were up on Offa’s Dyke Path and heading towards Hay Bluff.  Boy, does that path go on, and on, and on……. We were very pleased to see the trig point on Hay Bluff in the distance, but couldn’t understand why there was a crowd of people standing around in a circle.  A prayer meeting? A mountain rescue?  No – we discovered it was a wedding!  Well, why not?  Leaving them to their nuptials, we continued south and towards our final destination.  At last we had the cars in view and we began our descent down to Gospel Pass car park.  An excellent workout which we all enjoyed.

Climbing up from Gospel Pass

Climbing up from Gospel Pass

Our descent to Capel y Ffin

Start of the descent to Capel y Ffin

St Mary's Church, Capel y Ffin

St Mary’s Church, Capel y Ffin

On of the more interesting stiles made of stone

One of the more interesting stiles made of stone

Descending to Gospel Pass

Our descent back to Gospel Pass