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Ramblers are Britain’s biggest charity working to promote walking and to improve conditions for all walkers. With 143,000 members in England, Scotland and Wales, we’ve been working for walkers for 70 years.Through our network of dedicated volunteers and staff, we support all who walk, from beginners to experienced enthusiasts, family groups to solitary strollers and the very young to the young at heart.

We are dedicated to:

  • safeguarding Britain’s unique network of public paths – all too often, they are illegally blocked, obstructed and overgrown. We work with local authorities to make them a pleasure to walk on.
  • providing information to help you plan your walk and enjoy it in safety and comfort.
  • increasing access for walkers – our work is helping to establish statutory rights of access to the outdoors.
  • protecting the countryside and green spaces from unsightly and polluting developments so that walkers can enjoy their tranquillity and beauty.
  • educating the public about their rights and responsibilities and the health and environmental benefits of walking so that everyone can enjoy our wonderful heritage.


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Promoting walking

We work to promote everyday walking to everyone, of all ages, backgrounds and abilities, in towns and cities as well as in the countryside, as part of a healthy lifestyle.


Outdoor access and footpaths

New rights of access to the countryside are the results of a long-fought campaign by the Ramblers. We’re also working hard to keep the footpath network clear and improve its attractions to walkers.


We’re working to secure new national parks, protect wild land, promote public transport and encourage environmentally friendly farming and sustainable development.

The Ramblers in Scotland and Wales

Our devolved organisations in Scotland and Wales carry out our charitable work in those countries.

Read more about us at Ramblers web site.

Rights of Way law

The Ramblers represent all walkers in matters affecting Rights of Way. Look here for more information.