6.5 Miles (10 kms), 300m ascent. Allow 3 hrs. Some ascents – not hard.

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Llynheilyn SO1658

This beautiful lake lies at about 1250 feet above sea level, near the summit of the A44/A483 – the main road from England into central Wales.
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An upland quiet walk on lower slopes of Radnor Forest in sheep farming area with a waterfall and short wooded section but with sweeping views.
Park in lay-by on A44 – opposite Fforest Inn, or – with permission in Fforest Inn C.P. Grid Ref: SO171585

Submitted by Raymond & Betty Lloyd, revised by Emlyn & Shirley Williams, and Kevin Jones)

(1) Opposite the inn take the steep way down the road embankment to a stile; cross the field to the farm buildings. (If this is impossible, proceed a short way along the road and turn (R) down tarmac lane, cross cattle grid to reach Caebanol Farm turning (L) just before the farm.) Keep left of the farm, cross the ford and follow the stone farm track that turns (R) going uphill passing left of a wind turbine, until a facing gate is reached.

(2) Turn (R) through it and follow this track round the contour of the small dingle to next facing field gate. Turn sharp (L), keeping next to fence go uphill to gate at top corner where turn (R) onto a less well defined path and through yet another facing gate 90m ahead. Where field fence on (RH) widens away keep straight ahead and follow path downhill to the (L) of a sheep stock yard and sheds to join a well defined farm track. (The hill on the (R) at 478 m is the Mynd; ahead to (L) and (R) are the lower levels of Radnor Forest which itself reaches 660 m.).

(3) Turn (R) onto this farm track passing the stock yard and sheds and proceed until where plantation on the (L) are joined on the (R) by F.C. plantation at joining field gate. Turn (L) through steel pedestrian gate (maybe locked!) into woods on (L) and follow through trees and shortly at the fence bear (L) go down short but steep path overlooking the waterfall – Water-Break-Its-Neck. Cross the bridge and up the other side passing another small gate leading to solitary cottage. EITHER (easier) keep ahead and follow path around the cottage boundary fence and continue following the fence to join a larger vehicular track going downhill; soon take (R) grassy track descending to the valley bottom OR follow bridleway/FC route that drops steeply to the (R). Both routes meet at the confluence of two streams converging with another forest track. Do visit Water-break-its-neck waterfall in the deep gorge to your right. Return and go straight ahead for 1.5km to main A44, taking (R) fork through gate just before the car park and information board, down to the road.

(4) Cross road to (L) and then (R) down lane to cross the ford by F.B. and go ahead through gate. Go diagonally right and steeply uphill to join a rough track continuing less steeply, eventually swinging left to a gate by the wood. (A less steep way is to bear left on tractor track then sharp right to join the route.) (This being quite a steep pull, take a breather and absorb the views across the valley and surrounding countryside). Go through facing gate and follow the side of the wood to 3 gates at the lowest point.  Go through the first and then through immediate (LH) gate and follow track uphill to the (R). At top of track curve (L) up field to gate into plantation. Pass through gate and cross rough country to a vehicle track. Follow this right to a gate, and continue to the next gate. Turn right and follow the track to shortly go through gates and past a stock pen, where take (RH) gate of two, to join grassy track. (On the (R) can be seen Llanfihangel Nant-Melan, where the Red Lion Inn offers accommodation and bar meals.)

(5) In approx. 1km and passing through two gates, Foice Farm is reached with now a tarmac road ahead. After a further 1.5kms, reaching, and level with Llynheilyn lake on the (L), follow the finger post (R) by the house head down to the Fforest Inn now in sight. Go through final field gate to inn car park or the layby.


This Walk Guide No 6 is designed to link with Walk Guide No. 18 to create a much longer walk for those seeking it. The connection is made at Foice Farm – point (5) on this walk.



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